Buylist Instructions & Policies

We Buy Cards!

We only accept Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering cards at this time
The amounts listed for cards in our buylist are estimates and should not be considered guaranteed offers to buy

Prices are subject to change based on market conditions and our current inventory

We reserve the right to refuse cards for any reason

We do not take walk-in trades at this time

Please be sure to enter the correct version of your cards when submitting a buylist (set/printing, foil, etc.) 

Try to be as accurate as possible when determining a card’s condition. Ultimately, the condition at which we accept cards is at our discretion

How to Submit a Buylist

Step 1: Create or login to your Guardian Games account
Step 2: Click "Submit a Buylist" under the Buylist tab at the top right of the page
Step 3: Select which type of cards you wish to sell: Pokémon or Magic: the Gathering
Step 4: Click the dropdown menu under “Buylist Summary” to toggle between “Prices shown in Cash” and “Prices shown in Store Credit”
Once your buylist has been submitted, this option cannot be changed. 

If you want Store Credit on some cards and Cash on others, please submit separate buylists

We offer a bonus on all payments issued in Store Credit


    Step 5: Search for your cards using the search bar and add them to your buylist. Make sure you select the proper edition, foiling, card condition, and number of cards.
     Please keep your cards in the EXACT ORDER that you entered them. 


      Step 7:  Once you finish adding & sorting your cards on the buylist, click “Submit List”
      Step 8: Please allow up to 48 hours for us to review your buylist request. When your buylist is approved, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to schedule an appointment to bring your cards into the store. 
      Step 9: Bring your cards to your scheduled appointment in the EXACT ORDER that you entered them in. Please remove all cards from binders and transport them as singles, sleeved or unsleeved.
      Step 10: Get paid! Cash payments over $250 will be issued via check. Payments made via cash or check require a photo ID.